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Increase in ‘Jumper for goalposts’ games as Covid takes hold

A 78% increase in casual games of football with Jumper for goalposts as councils take away actual goalposts to stop games.

One town has even set up a casual league for games daily.

You say its a league, but nobody really keeps score, or do the same players play every day. And team numbers vary. Other than that, its a league I suppose.

Football is meant to be a simple game, and nothing is more simple than this set up with a ball, jumpers for goalposts and a mix of players from the ‘Had trials with spurs when he was 12’ to the ‘wouldn’t score in a brothel with a blankcheck’

Anyone can play. They just need to ask. It’s a mixed bag. You really have to judge the book by its cover. Usually, the better looking they are, the worse they are at football.

Already the game has attracted sponsorship from Blarney Woolen Mills and Sky sports.

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

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