July 2020 Highlights – FOBIKY

Alot of smoke

Something to look forward to:

Officially launch Funny Only Because I know You (FOBIKY) Productions

First book off the Production line

Papel Instinct

In 1979, Mayra O’Reilly’s parents met whilst seeing the Pope in Knock, Ireland. For her 33rd Birthday, Mayra heads to Ireland on a Papel visit to see if love can KNOCK twice in the family.

E.M. Kelly is an up and coming author whose work has been described as

“It’s more about people with our ‘unique’ sense of humour.”

“Did you get someone to proofread this? I can’t deal with the migrane.”

“You are great at gifs”

First Sound production

Papel Instinct will also be available as an AUDIO file.

So you can sleep with the Author

First Video Production

This will be an interview with the Author E.M. Kelly

So much and more to look forward to this groundbreaking month July 2020.


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