Fake News

“Dirty Dishes creating cure for Covid” says Lazy housemate

A science experiment is happening in London that may be the cure for Covid.

John Hearty, 24, has announced that he is conducting a science project in the Kitchen when quizzed about cleaning up by his housemate Laura Ennis, 23.

I can’t clean it up as it may cure covid19. I’m just doing my part

John, a barista in the local coffee shop, has no previous history in Science, but has used this time in lockdown to introduce this case study. The study involves the remenents of 2 tea cups with dried tea in them, a curry stained dish and a have eaten bowl of Cornflakes.

Basically it is the same way as Penicillin was created. I mean if its not broken, why fix it?

His housemate Laura has taken a different view on the test

He’s just a lazy bastard. I am not cleaning up his mess. Next I suppose he purposely misses the toilet when going for a wee in order to rehydrate the planet. I will send a strongly worded letter to the letting agency.

The Science Papers have being contacted and are ready to print any findings. Currently, smell is the only difference and the milk in the cornflakes goes sour.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

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