Fake News

Instant date in the morning!


Irish Man showers with Homemade coffee and gets date

Séan O’Brien, Wicklow, saw the trend in male beauty to include caffeine in their products so he decided to make his own concoction to save money.

“The Prices they charge are extortionate. I decided to take matters into my own hands and also save money”

Sean purchased a normal large tub of Value shampoo and put some Nescafé Original  coffee in it.

The results were instant.

“I used it for the first time on Monday to work. got the bus in the morning and everyone was complimenting me on my scent. I was really energised. Next thing a woman asks me out. First time ever that has happened. I couldn’t believe it.”

The date however didn’t go well, as the went for a coffee in Starbucks, and the aroma didn’t have the same impact. They are not in contact.

Sean has plans to develop the plans further

“Thinking of using Gold Blend next time, to attract a higher class of Lady.”


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