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Woman (26) uses Dictionary for first time to find meaning of Dictionary


Penny Taghts, from London, Used a dictionary today for the first time in her 28 years to find out what a Dictionary was.

“I was aware of what it was but I didn’t know what it was”

She came across the book with words, which she thought was a book, many times, just putting it on the bottom of her “to read” pile that she has never got round to reading.

Then when she was moving house, she came across the Dictionary book, and with her wifi switched off to the new house, wanted to see what this book was worth so she went to the local bookstore.

Upon arrival at her local book store she asked the store

“What is it and how much is it worth?”.

The retailer told her to look it up.

“But how?” she quizzed

“Open it” replied the shop assistant.

She did and started reading the random paragraph openers in Alphabetical order.

Further questions and explanation from the tireless shopkeeper led to Penny’s final thought:

“I now know what a Dictionary is. Will I use one again? Probably not” 


Penny’s parents weren’t available for comment. The Dictionary industry is looking to go a bit of a revamp in the next couple of months with some new words coming inline to reflect modern tastes.

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