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Hoarder finds something useful in Hoard

Scarlett Farrow, Manchester, Today found a Spork she could use 10 years after finding it in a previous clearout.

The Spork, a spoon fork combination, was purchased more than 10 years ago, and maybe even not by Scarlett, but it has survived the previous clear out in 2010 and reared its head again.

I remember the day fondly. I was cleaning the house and I came across it and said out loud ‘I’ll use that one day’ and here we are , I have a use.

This is the first in what Scarlett hopes many items that she has knocking around the house that she will use. Some of which include A hatchet holder, part broken bicycle pump and Ford Focus Left wing mirror.

The spork is being used for a handle to work the grill in the oven

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