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Organising a p*ss up in a Brewery is actually difficult

Event organiser Fern Hamerd, tried to organise an alcoholic event in a brewery for 20 people but struggled.

My boss said I couldnt’t organise a piss up in a brewery, so I tried. And she was right. I am currently evaluating my life choices.

The Event, stylised as a ‘Hopping party’ was set in Local brewers ‘Devil’s Sweat’.

The party layout wasn’t agreed with the brewery beforehand, as they thought the plaaner was going to use the 100 seat function room/Mueseum that forms part of the brewery

I mean we have the functions and have organised them quite easy with an array of drinks for everyone. But Fern said it needed to be in the actual Brewery. It is a health and safety hazard, but she offered us a lot of money, so we went with it.

Master Brewer

The party took a turn for the worse when a member of the event passed out from the fumes of the alcohol brewed onsite.

It was one of those things. One minute I’m eating canapés and the next I’m in the Ambulance.

Guy who collapsed

Though the party continued after the incident as Fern would not be beaten. However it had to end when a major incident happened.

I thought if you had beer straight from the cask that it would be fresh. I was wrong and I wish all the injured well.

The party is well on the way to recover and hope to be out of hospital soon.

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

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