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Man divorces woman after Covid haircut

With barbers and hairdressers not open due to Covid, couples are taking to cut each other’s hair, with some disaterous results.

Marvin Moses, from Manchester, has filed for divorce as a result of his trim of back and sides.

I asked for a trim, and she butchered it

His soon to be ex wife was sure that she went first in the haircutting

I would rather die from my hair being too long than to let him touch my hair. He kept begging me to cut it. I did exactly what he said. It’s all in his head. I probably cut a braincell.

The couple can’t finalise their divorce until the courts open next month, but Marvin is sulking in the garage for the moment

I will never let a woman cut my hair again. I’ll head down to ZupercutZ once this is over to sort out the mess if they can.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

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